Cheapest European countries for travel

Travel for passion

Travel lovers mostly aspire to see Europe. The continent has seen many things such as witch hunts, plagues, deaths, and the rise of art. The biggest testament of humanity in its highest and lows is reflected in Europe’s history. People who love art, science, or beauty as well as history want to explore and see Europe.

However, generally travel in Europe is expensive. So, one might think that it is an oxymoron to state the cheapest places in Europe. However, there are a few countries especially the Nordic countries that are pretty decent for a small budget. While you can easily explore Europe’s history art on a budget. The very first steps to make your travel economical are

  • Travel off-season – If you can
  • Book 5 -6 weeks ahead or grab an amazing deal if you have the validity and cash for the trip at that time
  • Ditch airways and opt for rails and trains while traveling in Europe
  • Find the cheapest places to stay with couch surfing, Airbnb, or other dorms


Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. It is less talked about, less explored but equally beautiful and full of European architecture and landmarks. The devalued Ukrainian currency makes it easy for Americans to travel and explore this gem of Europe.  

In the past years, the government has taken steps to promote Ukraine’s tourism. As it is a transitional country and a second world country, the remains of Soviet reins can be seen. However, new restaurants and wineries in this country can make many salivate. The food is diverse with the flavors of grains and diverse bread. The homemade wines are truly delicious and the touch of Jewish and soviet culture in their food adds more to the appetite.  Just use a language translator to communicate with people.

The churches, castles are a beautiful addition to their landscape. Kyiv and Odessa are must-see cities for all. You can easily spend you one day under $30 with your per day stay and food. Wander through the forests and explore their pristine rivers away from the mass consumerism of this world and enjoy the heaven of Ukraine.


Romania is one beautiful and underrated country in Europe. The state religion is secular. However, the beautiful churches and breathtaking monasteries will keep you glued to the camera for taking the pictures.

The good old villages have the centuries-old architecture well preserved. Public transportation is pretty good against the price they charge.

Bucharest is a vivacious city with a great party scene and more happening than Budapest, which will give you amazing sights and memories. The geography of this land is a dream come true for trekkers and nature lovers. While the beautiful beaches and seaside resorts around the black sea give the best location to the couples and many sea lovers. 1 USD is equal to around 4.10 RON, which means you can party like a king. Americans head to Romania when Europe seems more expensive!

You daily damage of food, rent and transportation all included with come under $35.


Get ready to save and spend lavishly in Albania. Europe is cheap if you plan wisely. This Mediterranean coastal country is untouched by mass tourism and thus not heavily counted in Europe’s hot spots. However, its glittering beaches, soaring mountains, and old ruins such as Butrint National Park and Apollonia are must-see items on your list.

The food is amazing as it consists of great fresh meat and seafood. Plan a visit to Himare and Drymades beaches. You can easily per day spend around $35 and feel like royalty with great hotel rooms too. However, if you want o save more opt for hostels.       

Czech Republic

We did our homework before adding it to the cheap destinations in Europe. The endless partying and dirt cheap liquor has made Prague a hot favorite for tourists. However, the Czech Republic can be covered easily by keeping your balance on wallet.

Enjoy the free attractions of Prague, with castles from outside in their courtyards that have no entry fee and open-air concerts. Spend less time in Prague and chose lesser famous cities such as  Karlovy Vary or Cesky Krumlov.

The country loves its carbs and proteins. So feel great when having hearty meals laden with meat. Plan your lunch as a high importance meal while dinner should be light, preferably cooked in your own kitchen. This way you save more money and enjoy even more.

You can easily spend $40 per day including your food, travel and accommodation.

Also did we mention this country runs on beer!


Poland has a rich history and much laced with stories of survival and fights. This place underrated due to the many gems of Europe that get more attention based on popularity. However, this country holds much value for history buffs.

The place is untouched by the heavy touristic behaviors. Therefore, one feels very free to roam around the country and explore its gothic castles and wooden churches happily. You must explore all of these cities Krakow, Warsaw, and also towns like Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Zakopane, as they are cheaper than the cities.

The museums at certain days are free. There are about 14 heritage sites in this country.  Do visit the museum of WWII, Wolf’s Lair and plenty of unknown castles that are a testament of the rich heritage Poland has passed on with the gory ones such as holocaust.

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