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The travel lifestyle is a new concept for many. It is difficult for people to comprehend that to sustain a good travel life one must save a lot. Travelers tend to make their plans first based on their hearts and then out of their wallets. So if your wallet is shouting empty in capital letters, we have a few suggestions for you in terms of cheap travel options.

We are starting with the largest continent in the world – Asia. Asia is the largest area wise as well as population-wise. There is a huge variety of climates, technology, infrastructure, and languages in this continent.


This country is a true survivor. Even after the war, we see plenty of local youth hanging around in the hip bars. The economy is gaining momentum with good exports and fabric sector growth. While dozens of young students and backpackers choose this place for their fun travels.

Not only that, families that are nature-loving also come with their kids to explore the beaches and green areas. We can safely say that if you want a good average three-star hotel, decent no diarrhea giving meals, and some entertainment $25 – $ 30 is a good per day budget for you. You will save a lot.

Travel Jin team has discussed prominent places of Vietnam in details here.


Somehow this gem of Asia is very less talked about. The country has had a troubled time from the French colony era to the civil war and then the effects of the Vietnam War. However, they have begun to prosper now.

This country is truly a reflection of the diversity that Asia boasts of. The paddy fields and forest life is a must exploring thing for all. As in Laos, many tribes are living in their authentic ways untouched by the modernization of the world.  One gets to experience the real Asian picture with monks walking and chanting prayers while plenty of foreign tourists take their pictures.

You can trek in so many untouched and pure forest areas with the help of locals. The fun activities such as jungle zip lines and plenty of river and waterfall viewing are there. You go seek spiritual learning or spend time at the retreats. See the exotic elephants, stay in real tree houses, or view the river caves. Basically the adventure lovers have to visit Laos. You can explore Laos on an easy budget of $25 – $30. Also, if you choose to give back to their community by staying with local families, trust us you save more.


Asia has plenty of growing and developing countries. This means that many have good and cheap currency for travelers to enjoy it. The weather and greenery of Cambodia are similar to Vietnam and Laos. However, here the animal sanctuaries, national parks are a testament to the fact that people here are most caring and loving. The vibe of the locals here is extremely sweet and welcoming.

There is plenty of shopping for great clothes at dirt cheap prices. The variety of dorms, small hotels, and then big luxury hotels all can look upon while making one’s bookings against the budget.

Here as well one can easily spend one day at $25. Enjoy the temple of Bayon and other ones in Angkor. Their temples set in lush green fields are a sight to behold and remember for ages.

Also, the urban side of this country has become happening. One gets to party well in Siem Reap and there is a sprinkle of French architecture around the country reminding us of their colony era.


People from 38 countries can visit Nepal without visa!

Let that news sink in. This country has around 10 UNESCO heritage sites, Mount Everest and many other great mountain trek areas, temples and green areas, and all without hassles! Our team covered a great bit on the hiking guide for Nepal here.

Try to book yourself with the locals and eat the easy home-cooked food with minimum cost in local homes and hotels. The Anapurna circuit or Chitwan National Park are amazing places for sightseeing. There is a different thing for everyone. The altitudes also give a varied range of weather. One can be layered to beat the wind or relaxed to enjoy the sun.

If you plan your places to stay well, you can easily do well at $25 per day. Do keep a budget for the arts and crafts of this country. Also, when you trek your per day spending goes down as most tours provide good basic food.


Yoga, saris, and tanned skin all and much more stem from India. Our team member has already suggested the top five cities of India that one must visit

India has mountains up in the Himachal, the central region full of Mughal and Hindu Architecture. While the south has green serene beauty and plenty of beautiful beaches, the central and north has great sights to see.

Learn the art of skipping middlemen and do all bookings directly. Make sure you know the art of haggling and you are good to go. Try to eat home-cooked food or opt for Airbnb to make your own meal, in case you want to skip fancy dinners. If you stick to good bargaining skills, we assure you’d buy amazing jewelry and clothes at throwaway prices. India can be lavishly seen at $35 per day you may take it down to $30 per day as well.

So now you can find your best pick from Asia and make your bookings now from Travel Jin to explore ina good budget.

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