Changes You Will Experience in your Next Stay at a Hotel

Hotel cleanliness

Hotels around the UK are reopening as the country is lifting its lockdown restrictions.

In June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the hospitality business can reopen from July 4. The bars, restaurants, and hotels can reopen.

As the hospitality businesses plan to reopen they will have to follow a long list of guidelines and rules to be safe and keep the customers safe from COVID-19.

In addition, the new guidelines suggest the hotels make major changes from increased cleaning measures to minimizing the usage of lifts and many changes to room service.

However, post-lockdown hotel stays will be completely different with changes to check-ins, room amenities, and even socially distant swimming pools.

Changes in Check-in

To keep the staff and guests safe hotels will be implementing social distancing measures.

Guests can expect to see staff in PPE, one-way systems, contactless check-ins, and a reduced amount of furniture in hotel lobbies.

However, guests will be requested to arrive on time of their check-in and not before so the counters are not crowded. This will actually lead to a controlled footfall on the premises. Consequently, introducing a 72-hour wait per room is also in the plan. This additional measure will ensure that the bedding can be changed and the rooms can be sealed ensuring absolute peace of mind and complete sanitization of the room.

Room Amenities

The items most commonly anticipated in a hotel are the amenities. However, these may change from glassware and china to disposables that may be the new normal. Room amenities may now include sanitizer, gloves, and masks for limited usage.

Recreation and Lifestyle

Since the booking methods have been changed the hotel might change the policy to use the swimming pool, gyms, and saunas. Hotels are looking for an integrated booking system for the use of facilities so that frequent intervals may be used.

Consequently, guests will have to shower before and after using the facilities. Intense cleaning schedules will be in place to ensure proper cleaning.

Health Scrutiny

Guests may need to fill a small questionnaire about their health. This will be a small but vital exercise to keep track of guests’ health when they arrive.

Bars and Room Service

To maintain social distancing bars and restaurants will be with a low number of guests. Room service will be a priority to order drinks and avoid the interaction of guests amongst each other.

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