Canada requires Face Masks on all flights

Canada’s Transport Minister has announced that all air passengers must wear a non-medical face mask or cover over their mouth and nose on every flight landing, leaving or traveling through the country.

“Canadians should continue to follow public health advice and stay at home if possible. However, if you need to travel, wearing a face-covering is an additional measure you can take to protect others around you, especially in situations where physical distancing guidelines cannot be maintained, Transport Canada will continue to ensure various transportation systems adapt to the most effective, preventive measures to protect Canadians.” Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau in a statement.

People will be asked to cover their mouth and nose while traveling by air in the following scenarios:

  • At all Canadian airport checkpoints where the screeners can not always keep a distance of two meters (six feet) between themselves and other travellers.
  • At any place where travellers can not separate themselves physically from others or as directed by airline employees.
  • Where directed by a public health authority or public health official.

In the boarding process, all passengers who either leave or arrive at Canadian airports will be asked to prove whether they have a face mask or face cover or they will not be allowed to enter.

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