Can Travel resume this summer?

Summer Traveler

The world has been in the grip of a pandemic for a few months. The Covid-19 slowly spread across all continents and became a part of daily life. However, countries have shown success rates in beating Covid-19 cases and slowly opening up for a normal routine with a few changes. 

Having said that, we all know normal after the pandemic is different. Regular disinfection, sanitization, and extra checks at travel or tourist spots will become part of the procedure. Amidst all of this, an important growth in the travel sector has been the introduction of Travel Bubble. 

Travel Bubble

The future of the summer 2020 vacation is a dream for most people out there. However, the Travel Bubble or Corona Corridors; seem to be one way out.

A Travel Bubble is essentially a group of countries that agree to allow their citizens to travel. This means, that only the countries in this pact/ bubble will allow their citizens to freely move. 

Easier said than done, the countries have to show similar faith and better medical conditions for the coming wave of tourists. Nevertheless, the travel bubble concept is a relatively safe shot at restoring people’s faith in traveling again. Presently, Australia and New Zealand are in the talks of implementing a Travel Bubble for their residents. 

People will take months to embrace the changes in their previous lifestyle. The concept of Travel Bubble is one such initiative to sow the seed of traveling with confidence again. Currently, countries in the European Union have been in talks of lifting the restrictions as well as excluding the 14-day quarantine term for visitors. Only time will tell how the Travel Bubble shapes up for people and their travel goals.

Regions willing to open up this Summer

The good news for travelers is most of Europe, Caribbean states as well as the Baltic ones are willing to resume their travel plans for tourists. In addition, a host of countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, and many more will open up to attract tourists.

As the psychological effect of the pandemic is huge we found that many aspiring travelers and vacationers had a different opinion for their summer 2020 travels such as:

  • They prefer to stay closer to their homes. 
  • Many will opt for places that are less populated or better at health services.
  • Air travel considered as a riskier mode of travel 

Although people will play safe due to economic and health precautions they will slowly resume travel plans. Many travelers will opt for staycations. While road trips will be another popular choice amongst vacationers.  

Staycation or road trip?

The year 2020 will be slow for international travel. Even, with Travel Bubble being introduced the economic crisis has shaped travel plans differently. Families and friends with their inconsistent income and job situations will opt for a less expensive option. In conclusion, a staycation or a road trip to a nearby state is a more viable option.

People residing in the US have been hit adversely with the pandemic as well as current law and order situation. Considering such factors, a safer route is to stay closer to home. The systemic preference will be for states that are full of relaxation opportunities and natural spots for people.

Statistics already are piling in favor of cities that have controlled Covid-19 well and are not the busiest tourist spots at all times.

A few states that seem to be a top pick by those contemplating travel in summer are:

  • Washington
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Hawaii

The choices of states depend on a variety of reasons. Firstly the convenience of personal control, as a staycation gives more chances of choosing a more reliable and safe space that can be further sanitized and kept cleaner.

Secondly, most people prefer outdoor destinations with natural surroundings such as trails and parks so social distancing may be easily practiced. Above all, the deciding factor will always be the control over the pandemic and declining statistics of the virus.

Another set of people will hit the roads with friends and family to explore the beauty of the country and different cities. Such travelers are equally thoughtful so they insulate their fears with a safer strategy of traveling safely.

Air Travel options

Air travel along with relevant regulations of the pandemic management will resume by June. The airport routine will get longer, many will experience a change of seating arrangements and flight service style will be altered. Yet, air travel will not be a very favorite choice of the majority. Primarily, because the pandemic is yet not over so people are reluctant in exposing themselves to a potential risk of Covid-19. Secondly, flying to international destinations in such uncertain times is not everyone’s cup of tea.

To sum it up, be hopeful because travel is resuming soon. Already people are taking long road trips to discover the beauty of neighbor states. With the Travel Bubble concept already being put into action, the Summer 2020 vacation goals may be realized. Eventually, change is the only constant thing and the travel industry will also adapt to the pandemic regulations and resume again.

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