Burning Man Event

Playa in desert

This special event has been going on for 34 years. The year 2020 was the first year that people celebrated this event virtually.

It all began in 1986, with a group of friends burning down a wooden effigy and then later in the year 1990 moved to Nevada. The tribe of these people might have begun with the thought of self-expression for fun but slowly their activities increased manifolds. The number of people rather Burners that they call themselves increase. So much so, that 2019 saw almost 79,000 Burners.

The basics

  • You can be anywhere in the world, yet plan your trip here.
  • Of course, you got to make way past American immigration and laws.
  • Buy the tickets months in advance.
  • Pack wisely
  • Do carry your id’s and cash

Reaching Burning Man

Most Burners coming from farther locations choose Reno or San Francisco as their base point. From either of these locations, they tend to choose their own vehicles, or book with either Green Tortoise company or  The Burner Express to come all the way.

As each year this event is set up as a complete city, get a special bicycle, or some super creative car known as Art Cars. These vehicles will help you move around the city while you explore and mingle with fellow Burners.

What exactly is Burning Man

This community is basically the most fluid way of self-expression and love for all. It is based on ten principles that are not much practiced in the real world per se.

The one-week long festival is all about these ten principles. This week is then followed by the labor day weekend. A complete desert with no electricity or other amenities makes one connect to their self in the best way.

The basic ten values of Burning Man are

  • Radical Inclusion – anyone can be a part of this community without any stereotypes.
  • Gifting – do not count value or think of return but gift what you can.
  • Decommodification – no advertised, sponsored or branded items to be used.
  • Radical self-reliance – discover your maximum potential.
  • Radical self-expression – nobody will judge you for your unique abilities, while on the other hand as a person expressing freely should be careful of the person at the receiving end.
  • Communal effort – community work, collaboration, and social networks are of importance and value.
  • Civic responsibility – show respect for the civil society and their way fo operations. Also, conduct oneself properly as per the local, state as well as federal laws.
  • Leave no trace – Respect the environment.
  • Participation – Transformative changes occur with everyone pitching in to make a difference, thus making everyone more responsible.
  • Immediacy – learning to live in the moment for small immediate joys of life.

If you find yourself as someone who relates to these principles then you must for once try going to Burning Man. The year 2020 had its effect on the festival. The event was virtual and many donations were made to make sure that people were reimbursed for their ticket money.

However, with high hopes we are here to share the basics of the event.


So basically tickets for Burning Man are sold out in phases. Each year they opt for a slight modification in their sale strategy. For the year 2021, they have a plan to phase it in four stages

The dates for sale will be announced in January. While in February the Burners or aspiring Burners can register.  The sale for tickets will be in the below fashion.

Directed Group Sale

This faction is of those who are part of  camps, art cars and art projects. This phase makes the established groups get access to tickets. Once the registration is done the remaining process is done online.


FOMO tickets basically make it possible for you to help the Burning Man group financially as the price is higher. These tickets like others get you an admission inside. However, people buy at a higher price at times to even make sure that their spot is not gone as this sale happens earlier.

Main Sale

This sale starts with the first aspiring Burners making their profiles. After the registration period, they wait for the link to go active on the sale day. Anybody who wants to go to Burning Man can buy from here.

Low Income Tickets

This batch is sold at a low price of $210 plus taxes. These tickets are neither transferable nor bought without application. Firstly, the aspiring Burner has to submit the reason to buy a low-income ticket.

Now that we have explained the initial information for this major American event we will share the do’s and don’t’s with you in another post. Keep rocking and keep the Burning Man spirit alive!

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