British Tourists Not Allowed Visiting Spain for Holidays

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As Spain reopens its borders for tourists, it has refused to take UK tourists as the number of infected people there has increased. 

The Spanish tourism minister stressed that the UK government should make its Covid-19 cases better before their tourists can visit Spain. 

Maria Reyes Maroto said, “As we reopen our borders thousands of tourists from many countries will come to Spain but British holidaymakers will have to wait.” Tourists from Germany and the Nordic countries will be allowed to enter, as the situation of Coronavirus in these countries is better.

The tourism minister said “The health situation of the UK needs to get better. We want people to come here healthy and leave healthy as it is most important for us.”  

Spain Lifts 14 Day Quarantine Restriction

Spain is reopening its borders for international tourists starting from 1st July. It has also lifted the 14-day quarantine restriction. For now, only permanent residents and those who have to enter the country for essential reasons with relevant documents will be permitted to cross the border. 

The Spanish Tourism Minister has confirmed that tourists from Nordic countries will be the first ones allowed to visit Spain, whereas British people will not be the first ones to enter the country. The passengers will have to go through a Coronavirus test and then quarantine themselves for six hours until the test results come out. 

The Health Minister of Spain said that by opening the borders again for tourists would increase the risk of bringing the virus in the country.

Tourists To Follow Social Distancing

Officials in Spain are making decisions to see tourists from which country should be allowed to enter, in order to stop the virus transmission in the country. Tourists will have to follow social distancing in all public places, hotels, and restaurants. 

Greece has also given its list of 29 countries from where the tourists can come but the UK is not on that list. Cyprus as well has banned tourists from Britain.

The Balearics Islands will also be open for the tourists; their government is running operations to welcome the tourists on a trial basis. The British tourists who desire to travel to Canary Island can take a Coronavirus test in their country before entering the country. 

Spain allowed the tourists again in the country when the Coronavirus situation improved. Strict measures will be taken by the government to keep the tourists and residents safe from getting affected.

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