British Airways Introducing New Flights to Bermuda

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British Airways is launching new flights to Bermuda starting from next year. The return fares of these flights will start from £510.

However, the airline will start daily flights to the Bermuda route from London Heathrow. Moreover, the first flight is scheduled to take off on the 28th of March 2021.

The aircraft for this route will be Boeing 777-200, and it will also include the airline’s new Business Class offering. However, the airline is already selling the tickets on the British Airways website.

Other Services By the Airline

However, this is not the only service that the airline offers to Bermuda. As there is already an ongoing service from London Gatwick. For this route, fares are starting from £480.

Bermuda is a famous hotspot for holidaymakers as there are a lot of beaches to visit and do exciting things.

The island is famous for its pink, palm-fringed sandy beaches. Whereas, the crystalline waters are a hit with those who fancy a dip, or want to go snorkeling amidst the colorful marine life. There are plenty of walking trails and nature reserves to explore too, for those who fancy a bit of adventure.

Working in Bermuda

Bermuda is also one of the Caribbean islands that have recently created a new visa specifically for remote workers, allowing Brits to do their job while living on the sun-soaked island.

Under this visa, a person can stay up to a year long. Moreover, on the days off people who are working there can also enjoy the pristine beaches and crystalline waters.

Similarly, other Caribbean islands such as Anguilla and Barbados are also offering similar schemes during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, at the time of writing, the Foreign Office doesn’t advise against travel to Bermuda. However, during the pandemic travel restrictions are subject to change, so you should always check the latest FCDO advice before planning, booking, or going on a trip.

Moreover, British tourists who do want to visit will need to apply for authorization from the island and will need to take a Covid-19 test pre-departure. That they will have to provide on arrival to the island.

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