Best road trips from New York

Explore by road

An escape from the busy city life is a must. New York may be the most amazing place to live in. However, the daily grind and cut-throat competition are insane. So when you want to escape from the city that is never sleeping how about you go behind the wheel and do some great road trip and see the natural scenery or places that freshen you up.

We chose a few places for you to explore and refresh yourselves this weekend.


You can hike, canoe, or just laze around in the beautiful colors of this mountainous area. Though the mountains are not mammoth sized yet the lush greenery and endless lands to explore leave one wonderstruck. This year when travel is closed, then you can just step out of the city for a wonderful experience with nature and a detached travel plan away from crowds.

Now there are plenty of Airbnb and hut options to stay and enjoy the trips. You have options for cycling, kayaking and so much more to explore and relax.


The beautiful city of Alexandria is another great option. The road trip is roughly around a little above or below 4 hours. So while you enter this well-preserved city of Virginia, you get a time travel feeling as well. Alexandria has cobblestone streets, old red brick houses, and a great place to see museums and many great monuments.

Enjoy the musical happenings in the city as well as find your taste buds the right kind of drinks from their best wineries. Make sure to do some great shopping from exclusive shops and thrift stores, that house great clothing items.


From New York to Pennsylvania’s largest city Philadelphia you can change your mood and take a good break.

Explore the beautiful artsy city with your full mood for unwinding and relaxation.  In two hours’ drive time you will reach this city and see the place painted with graffiti and beautiful street art around town.  Explore the old city, especially the  Independence National Historic Park or the Benjamin Franklin Museum.  Visit the city hall and be prepared to eat an amazing variety of food. Philly as they fondly call it has embraced a lot of food items in their menus. You will find the greatest variety of food from tacos to vegan, to Philly sandwiches and Indian food everything that may just tantalize your tastebuds.

The beautiful Philadelphia Museum of Art and Philadelphia’s Magic Garden are must-visit places for some contemporary and modern art.  Barnes Foundation must be visited to get some real dose of art as well.  


Drive-up for some three hours and land in the rustic and old English world well preserved in the otherwise fast-paced state of Massachusetts.  The cool breeze, the rustic effect of summer houses and a generous side of nature’s best makes this city a perfect weekend getaway for any New Yorker.

Enjoy the huge trails and take long walks. You can also coordinate your trip with the music, dance, and theater festivals of the city. So enjoy the beauty of this city. Take a look at the Bash Bish Falls and take the beauty of the scenery with you. Pleasant Valley Wilderness Sanctuary is a definite item on your list to follow the trails and observe the flora and fauna of the city undisturbed in this sanctuary.

There are lined up farms in this area as well as many historical museums that you can visit on one of the off days in this city and learn more.


A less than three-hour drive can be a great escape to less crowded but beautiful beaches of Rhode Island. Westerly, is more crowded in summers. However, one cannot say no to the pull of the beaches here.

The three-hour drive from New York City and then the Atlantic Ocean feels of the town are a perfect way to unwind. You can go to experience the lifestyle fo the rich and the famous by visiting Watch Hill. If you have kids do make them experience the Flying Horses Carousel built in the year 1883.

You can have a good romantic getaway from New York when you plan a roadtrip here.

These were our top of mind road trips ideas from New York City. So pack that bag and hop in the car to take some time off from the big city and relax with your loved ones.

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