Best packing hacks for all times

Packing tips

We all tend to look at the final picture- the glossy travel images, happy food times, and explorations. However, the tough things such as booking and packing are ignored. However, at Travel Jin we discussed in detail the possible packing fiascos that people face. Consequently, we came up with solutions for all such times.

So, first things first we start with planning and take you through the best tips to make you a pro packer!

Packing Check List

This is important. If you are a procrastinator like me, then this helps you pack at the last minute. No matter, what you have to carry be it pickles or lipsticks- a packing list is a compass to guide you. So you can always dash to the market and grab the things needed.

Invest in good luggage

Spend wisely once in great luggage. Make sure that you have a sturdy laptop bag, a strong carry-on luggage bag with compartments. But most importantly the hard case luggage should come with a long life.

The fact is that you can always alter the kinds of bags you need to carry. In a few instances, there is no need for a laptop bag. So keep bags that fulfill your needs. In case you are looking for a variety of genuine leather bags, then check this out. Our favorite duffel bag to amp your style and utility while traveling is this leather beauty.

Packing cubes- your best buddy

Organizing is a life-saving art. Club your clothes as per your convenience. You can sort between tops and bottoms, formal and casual, or whatever formatting suits you. Compartmentalize all things as per your liking and see how life is easier at the destination. You can find plenty of great packing cubes right at Travel Jin here

You have the options for putting dirty laundry separately. There are honeycomb dividers to organize all your undergarments and separate boxes to keep all innerwear safe.

Wear the heaviest clothing items

This is a pro-tip, in case you are traveling to colder regions you must have plenty of heavy woolen and quilted jackets to carry. This will take up a lot of space so better wear them and make space in your bag. Wear your heavy shoes in place of cool flip flops. Ditch the light clothes for the bag and wear heavy ones. Remember it’s cold on the plane and at the airport – so it’s a win-win anyway.

Tag the bag

Tagging your bag with fluorescent-colored tape or cloth is the best way to avoid confusion. Firstly, you can easily spot your bag at the carousel. Secondly, you minimize the chances of the bag being opened up as the extra wrapping on it will make it difficult for any pickpocket to open the contents.

Shoes are multipurpose items

Shoes are great items for storage – surprised? Well yes, make shoes more usable for your travel health. If you buy new shoes on travel, then use them to roll cash or store jewelry. In case, the shoes are used, then you can save on space to put your coins, or even fragile glass bottle by first wrapping them in a good ziplock bag, this way you won’t feel bad about stashing your fragile items in a shoe.

Also, if packing worn shoes, try to wrap them using the ever-helpful shower cap. This way the dirt and germs of the shoes won’t come off.

Smart packing

Make sure that you pack the heaviest items that will be closest to the wheels. The support at the bottom of the trolley if kept in mind will make your walk at the airport much simpler.

Add a small pouch, or cube to your carry- on luggage. Do not be the one opening and fishing for objects every fifth minute from the carry-on. Try to use mini containers. In case you love a certain shampoo, oil or cream then make use of small bottles. Similarly, pack pills and jewelry smartly to avoid loss and confusion.

A little extra packing

Oh no, do not over pack. Our simple tip on  extra packing is

  • Pack an extra pair of clothes/ essential items in your carry-on. This will help you if the baggage is lost and delayed.
  • Most people now go cashless. However, if the wallet goes missing then you need some cushion. In that case, pack some cash creatively. Either a special lining in a scarf or some lipstick tube that you know nobody will bother about.
  • An extra tote bag or a backpack. This you might need while strolling out in the city or staying out till late.
  • Make sure to pack power banks and a multi-purpose USB port battery charger for all times.

Feel free to share your travel packing tips and hacks and we will add them too in our list.

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