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People live for food and foster love for it. Similarly, coffee is something that people live for and know plenty about it. Coffee connoisseurs even travel around to taste the right flavors that they have heard or tasted previously.

So if you are someone who believes coffee is a religion and consider Starbucks your shrine then here you have a few cities that we recommend based on their coffee culture, offerings, and the amazing taste that your taste buds would relish for long.

The fact that coffee is a very loved beverage in both hot and cold forms, led us to compile this list. So a few of the cities that need to be explored by a coffee lover are discussed below:

Helsinki -Finland

So the place where coffee consumption is the highest is more likely to innovate its creation. Thus, Finland which is the world leader in coffee consumption is also the best city to have a cup. They have previously gulped coffee for beating the cold. But the past decade has seen Nordic cafes popping up around and in the city with their perfect pastries offered to be dipped in their coffee.

Americano coffee has a major love affair with the Finnish people.

Stockholm – Sweden

Another country that is cold from the Scandinavians group is an avid lover of coffee.

Swedish people take a midday break with coffee and a sweet treat. This break is called Fika. Therefore, we can well imagine the extent of innovation and experimentation put in making their everyday break interesting. Their roasted coffee beans are amazing and each small coffee shop gives an amazing treat to the visitors. So try the shops and their special coffees.

Rome – Italy

Italy is the mecca of food. We know the amount of street and roadside cafes around the city offers an immense variety of food and drinks. They get offended if you take coffee as take away. For them, coffee is food to be relished and thus they make sure that people enjoy coffee – latte, macchiato, cappuccino standing up at the bar.

London – England

The English have had a strong culture of tea. However, with the global trends coming to each country, England has embraced the coffee culture too. The advent of shows, the culture of having work meetings with food together have led to plenty of coffee shops to mushroom and make space of yuppies who need space to work and stay charged with coffee.

Londoners have embraced Flat White espresso as their favorite kind of coffee.

Havana – Cuba

Cuba is a producer of finest Arabica in the world. So, what better, than the place of production to enjoy the flavorful coffee.  Cubans have a great affair with coffee. It is a part of their culture and celebrations.

One can experience the brewing techniques throughout Havana, with coffee made from beans roasted onsite. Cafecito, cortadito, cafe con leche and colada are manily famous coffee types in Cuba.

Taipei – Taiwan

The effects of Japanse colony can be seen on this city. For more than half a decade, this city has seen the rise of indie cafes where both hot and cold brews are loved and shared with customers.  The Barista here also promote onsite bean roasting and producing best coffees for the people.

Melbourne – Australia

Australia and Newzealand both have had a fair share of fight to prove their ranking in the world of coffee lovers. However, this city is a heaven for coffee lovers. The city itself has a big culture of coffee with each district competing for their best coffee. This city is a big fan of lattes or other coffee drinks with milk.

Seattle – Washington

This one is not on the list because of Starbucks. This city has more cafes and coffee shops both chic and ultra-modern as well as small cozy and homely ones to cater to all audiences. The chilly weather and fast life all add up to the people of this city-loving coffee so much that they wear the love for it.

Sao Paulo – Brazil

The biggest producer of coffee is Brazil. Therefore, seeing the love for coffee here is natural. The vivacious country has loads to offer.  Here people maybe poor but they celebrate life. The famous coffee here is Cafafezinho. This style of coffee comes ina tiny cup of hot filtered coffee with good amount of sugar in it.

Istanbul –Turkey

The merger of Asia and Europe is this country. Istanbul has a variety of street food and coffee is a thriving part of it. They like to have their coffee dark and sweet both. Turk Kahvesi is a traditional form of coffee here.

The beans are grounded and then boiled with or without sugar in a cezve. It is a small copper pot. Coffee is popular as the street fortune-tellers use coffee cups to predict the future. Not only that, upon finalizing a marriage, but the bride to be is also made to add salt to the groom’s cup. This ritual is practiced when families meet and the bride is asked to serve good coffee to all albeit the groom.

This is done to see his patience and compatibility in a problematic situation.

So now when you think of traveling, do have a look at our list so you may check out the best kind of coffee these cities offer!

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