Best Cities to Celebrate Hanukkah

Festive Holidays

The festival of lights is celebrated mostly in November and December. Hanukkah starts from the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar. It is a festivity for eight days and nights. Already America is lit with the festivity of the holiday season and Hanukkah adds to the merriment of the cities.

However, there are certain cities that are the best to celebrate Hanukkah. Although we know that many people will not move much in 2020. Yet, we have a list of cities that have a majority of people celebrating. If you want to exchange presents or host a meal then check around with friends and do meet them on this special occasion.

A couple of places taht are best to celebrate Hanukkah are shared below


Israel observes the event with full zeal. One sees the city is totally lit. The families all display their menorahs in the house windows. Kids are off from school and the celebrations for families continue. You can learn about the real event and share the exact spots and details with family and kids for their learning.

New York

A large population of Jews works and lives in New York. On this occasion, there is music, food, and real celebration for the people. New York is home to two of the world’s largest menorahs. Grand Army Plaza has a lovely evening ceremony with the largest menorah. Each evening there is plenty of traditional food and dancing. it is a great place to meet with like-minded people and even bring friends to enjoy this fun.

Brooklyn Museum is another hot spot for Hanukkah fun. The Latke Festival is one memorable event for New Yorkers. New Yorkers must experience the real Hanukkah festivity in Park Slope. At Park Slope, the 32-foot-tall menorah is lit every night for the entire festival. in short, New York is a complete festivity with Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas falling close.


Although one believes that Rome is more of a catholic place. The history of Italy is rich. Therefore, there is a huge community that celebrates Hanukkah with full zeal. The favorite tourist spot of Piazza Barberini is a lit spot for Hanukkah. One sees a huge menorah well lit here. At the end of Hanukkah, you can expect a lot of crowds partying and merrymaking on the streets.

Moreover, the Old Jewish Quarter is a lively place with locals welcoming everyone. Here they tell visitors about their history and culture. Additionally, Piazza Bologna is also another spot for Hanukkah celebrations. Although here things are smaller and less grand than Piazza Barberini.

Washington D.C

The capital has a sizable population that celebrates Hanukkah. Consequently, each year there are many celebrations planned for the festival of lights here. The most prominent event is the National Menorah Lighting. The annual ceremony happens across the White House and seen by millions of people on the TV. There is Matzo Ball for the single Jews in the city. Moreover, there are plenty of musical concerts, kids’ activities, and Chanukah parties in the city.


The fact that one can have a party at the beach while celebrating Hanukkah sounds very tempting. Overall, Florida has other cities that also have big Hanukkah celebrations such as Orlando. However, at Miami Beach, one has heard about the giant menorah and unending kids’ activities.

Let’s not forget Hanukkah is a family event where one learns about their religion. Therefore, having an event that brings the kids on board is always a great idea. Miami has always been a fun place and with Hanukkah sandwiched in the festive season, there is more party for all.

Los Angeles

The city of angels is a place of warmth and sunshine. Therefore, having the festival of lights makes all the more sense. However, the fact is the history of the area. There were plenty of aristocratic jews who made LA their home. Thus one gets plenty of Kosher restaurants for excellent food. Beverly Hills has Two Rodeo Drive lighting. LA’s Farmer Market menorah lighting is an excellent Hanukkah spot.

However, Zimmer Children’s Museum and the Skirball Cultural Center also host many activities of fun and learning for all on the Hanukkah.


The English capital celebrates Hanukkah with zeal. Trafalgar Square becomes bright and full of lights with menorah lighting. The place is full of people from all faiths. however, Jewish Londoners gather here for great food and plenty of free doughnuts.

Islington has the kinetic laser menorah of the world. Kids hear stories and play around. Moreover, the Jewish Museum and synagogues also have a variety of cultural programs, light events, and kids activities planned for their people.

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