Bermuda Reopens for International Travellers

Beaches in Bermuda

In Bermuda, there have been fewer than 200 total cases of coronavirus. After successfully containing the virus the Island is ready to welcome back international tourists.

However, arrivals will have to follow a series of strict health protocols. The government of Bermuda is allowing international commercial flights to start coming to the self-governing overseas territory of the United kingdom form July 1.

Fourth Phase Reopening

This is part of Bermuda’s fourth phase of reopening. However, the measures it took helped out to keep the virus from spreading. It had a high volume of testing, contact tracing, and shelter-at-home measures.

Up till now, Bermuda has recorded only 146 total cases of coronavirus and only 9 deaths.

“As we work to finalize the protocols and requirements for travel to Bermuda, rest assured, we will always place the safety of our island and its people above all else,” Zane DeSilva, Bermuda’s minister of tourism and transport, said at a press conference earlier in June.

Rules For Entering In Bermuda

Before leaving for Bermuda, travelers must fill the Bermuda travel authorization form online. They will also have to pay a $75 fee, which includes the cost of all COVID-19 testing in Bermuda.

Travelers must ideally fill the form within 72 hours of arrival but not later than five days of departure.

Adults and children above the age of 10 will have to submit a negative nasal swab test. However, children under the age of 10 do not have to take any kind of testing.

Visitors must bring a thermometer along in order to check their temperature daily. People must travel to Bermuda if they have health insurance that covers the outside of their home jurisdiction.

Face masks are mandatory throughout the entire journey, including while traveling to the departure airport, at the airport, and during the flight.

More COVID-19 Testing

Travelers will have to undergo another COVID-19 test at L.F. when they arrive at Wade International Airport or at their accommodation, and then self-quarantine until the new test results are out (typically within 8 to 24 hours). On the other hand, there will be temperature checks and face mask requirements at the airport.

Travelers that provide both the negative test results will be entering the Island and can move around Bermuda as long as they follow the local health guidelines.

However, these guidelines include wearing face masks in all public places with social distancing. Visitors must check their own temperatures twice a day and record the results online through a government portal.

Moreover, travelers are required to take COVID-19 tests depending on the length of the trip. They will have to take additional COVID-19 tests on day 3, day 7, and day 14 at pop-up testing centers throughout Bermuda.

Furthermore, travelers who are not able to get a predeparture COVID-19 test will still be allowed to travel to Bermuda. However, they will have to quarantine for three days at their accommodation. Moreover, they will have to take a test upon arrival and again on the third day of their trip.

If your testing result shows positive during your stay at Bermuda you will have to quarantine at your accommodation for up to 14 days. Travelers with positive results will have to wear an electronic bracelet so to track their movement.

Flights to Bermuda

The L.F. Wade International Airport is reopening to regularly scheduled commercial flights on July 1. However, airlines will slowly resume flights from North America and the United Kingdom throughout the month.

So far, the flight schedule for July 2020 looks like this:

July 2: Air Canada resumes weekly flights from Toronto on Thursdays

July 6: Delta resumes daily flights from Atlanta

July 17: British Airways resumes twice-weekly flights from London Gatwick on Mondays and Fridays

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