Beautiful Cities to Experience Fall

Travel plans for fall

The beautiful season of fall is loved by many. The season of hope, longing, and a harbinger of upcoming festivity is all that people want. The magical hues of orange and yellow paint the cities beautifully. The fact that hot countries wait for the much cooler season to feel better, while colder countries such as Canada or England, love the fall more than frosty cold winters.

The most romantic or melancholic moments are normally attached to this season. However, if you love fall and want to experience the most enigmatic colors of fall leaves, we have suggestions of cities that will leave you spellbound with the beauty.

 New York

There is a solid reason, why a movie was titles autumn in New York. It is immensely beautiful! The hues of orange are everywhere. The roads and driveways bursting with color and the sun sizzles less.  Roam around the New York botanical gardens and catch the gorgeous hues of this season.

  You can take a great trip to a local vineyard and enjoy your time at Long Island. The hikes and treks of this city will show you the most mesmerizing shades of autumn. Check out Adirondacks and Castle Rock for your fall fun.  Do not forget and make a sure visit to the iconic Central Park.


The Netherlands is beautiful, but in Fall the sights are beyond explanation. The city has cycling options in abundance. So go and cycle in the city that is full of love and a lot of things easily legal for you, if you know what we mean. Have a great fall time looking around the blazing orange-colored city. The sunshine in fall reduces to a mere nine hours in the Netherlands so plan your day treks accordingly.


Japan is synonymous with its cherry blossoms blooming and making the land fragrant. Consequently, the fall of this country is equally magical. Nara and Kyoto are laced with ancient temples and buildings. The intense blazing colors of fall make those buildings more attractive. The unending parks are carpeted with the leaves in shades of orange and red while the walk is nothing less than magical and romantic for people.

We highly recommend honeymooners to experience this city if their budget allows them a visit to Japan.


Europe is certainly top of the list for all travels. However, as it is an expensive continent one can always try to go in off tourist seasons. Budapest is one great party city that is full of festivals and free concerts all around. How about you walk around this city of the party in the fall? The parks are full of colors and you can take a stroll in the city that may not be really chilly till the end of November, so dress light and take the bright sights of Budapest in your travel history.


 The beautiful British Columbia is a favorite spot for most tourists in Canada. However, fall is a beautiful time to enjoy the beauty of this city. There are endless trails of parks and orchards to explore. The hikes in the area will show you the beauty of the city in its glorious orange shades. Stroll in the city, enjoy the music and theater of the city and if you get time do try the hikes possible near the city as this city is extremely beautiful in fall.  It is a perfect pause after the sweltering heat and before the freezing cold.


Massachusetts entirely is a great part to see the fall foliage. The city sports all hues of the fall and the fact that educational campuses have sprawling areas of trees and manicured lawns make the city more beautiful.  The whole city seems to be a Halloween spirit with orange leaves all over. But the colors of fall in Boston are diverse.

Your daily grind will be enough to give a full dose of fall in your life. However, if you are visiting then make sure to visit the Public Garden or spend time around the Charles River to absorb the beauty of fall and get amazed by the wonderful autumn in America.

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