Bali Plans to Reopen on September 11

Beautiful Bali Pagoda beside Lake

Bali’s vice-governor Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati recently said COVID-19 is “the most devastating disaster for Bali tourism.” Sukawati, who is also the former chair of Bali’s hotel and restaurant association, said that the pandemic’s economic impact on the tourism industry is “much worse than the Bali bombings, both the first and the second, and worse than all the [2017] Mount Agung eruptions combined.”

However, Indonesia is trying to bring visitors back to its beautiful island. But there are a few hurdles in the way. Such as Indonesia’s Minister of Law and Human Rights himself, who has not yet allowed foreigners to enter Indonesia.

Bali closed its doors early to contain the virus from spreading. Bali’s governor Wayan Koster, commented in May 2020 that “a lot of people were previously very worried that Bali would be badly hit by COVID-19 as it’s the largest tourist destination in Indonesia.”

Due to its quick actions and preventive measures, there were only a couple hundred cases in Bali. Whereas in Indonesia the total number of cases reached up to 144,000 out of its population of 267 million.

However, Bali is still part of Indonesia, and the country as a whole is still observing strict lockdown procedures in many areas. So even if Bali is once again open for domestic tourism, international visitors will have to wait until the country reopens its borders to outsiders.

If the country reopens for international tourists on September 11, Bali will need to continue to keep its COVID case numbers low in order to keep international tourism coming. Thus, many of the safety protocols in place may not feel particularly vacation-friendly.

New Rules For Entering in Indonesia

Current Indonesia has formulated a policy for foreigners entering the country. They require to follow regulations, in addition to any rules imposed by airlines.

Visitors will have to install the Indonesian government’s official app to keep themselves updated. The app is by the name PeduliLindungi app and it is available on both the Android Play Store and also on Apple App Store.

Moreover, visitors must wear face masks in all public spaces. Including at the airport and during flight.

Travelers must also carry an electronic health alert card. All travelers international or domestic must complete a health alert card. It is available on the Indonesia Ministry of Health website.

Alternatively, you can install the E-HAC app on your smartphone (available for either Android or Apple). Finally, you can also complete the health alert card at the airport of departure, or onboard your flight before landing.

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