Baku – Believe in Paradise

Architecture in Baku

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. It has become a favorite party and tourist spot for many in the past decade. Though predominantly its residents are Muslims. However, the constitution makes the country secular. Thus, the nightlife is supremely vibrant and colorful.

Azerbaijan has been through a lot of crises in the earlier part of the 20th century. But, their topography played a great role in their resources and within 27 years they have become a hot spot of tourists.  

Fusion country

Azerbaijan falls between Asia and Europe.  It is a combination of ancient historical empires and now a new generation that has seen wars and fall-outs. The Caspian Sea-facing city is a party spot for many tourists.  The oil boom has catapulted the city to a new status. The city is a hybrid of Paris and Dubai in terms of amazing and unique architectural wonders. The amalgamations of old-world architectures, intertwined with unique and very modern new buildings make many people stop and absorb the city’s beauty.

This year due to Covid-19 the city bore the loss of cancellation of Azerbaijan Grand Prix. It is a Formula 1 race held in Baku that attracts car and racing enthusiasts.

So now if Baku is on your bucket list, there are a few places that you must visit.

Sightseeing around historical areas

How about you start with history? When we say history we say the history of mankind. Yes, Gobustan is a different part of the city altogether. At first, you might not be interested in rocks and stones. But upon looking closely or with the help of a guide you will see what mankind did in 12th century BC.

The engravings on these rocks depict their way of recording news and data. Such amazing historical artifacts are not in a museum but in the open for all to absorb and learn from.

The mud volcanoes are everywhere around the city. Active ones in Gobustan are a must-try. They are much cooler due to proximity to the Caspian Sea and must be experienced by the tourists as a natural phenomenon.

You can also visit Yanar Dag, a permanently lit fire spot on a mountain. Stay mesmerized by the wonders of nature as to how the presence of gas has kept the fire going on the hill for ages.

The Zoroastrian Temple of the 17th century is another place, closer to the hill revered by many religions. The Fire temple has a small museum attached as well explaining how the religion came to this region.

The best is to visit the Old city. The walled city has great sites to be loved, seen, and remembered by tourists. Locals and foreigners both find it like a time travel capsule ride. As modern skyscrapers and architecture is another dimension of the city. You get to see the life of common and middle-class people. The traders sit with carpets and silverware on sale by the roadside. You see children playing on the roads and mothers standing in balconies while knitting and looking after their children.

This old city has traces of Zoroastrianism, which once thrived in Baku, slowly replaced and tainted by chapels, mosques. Showing how the fabric of societal religious set up changed.

The Palace of Shirvinshahs is a historic landmark. The palace has a museum that holds the then royal family’s clothes and other belongings. Visit the palace to see the grandiose structure and the then built mosque.

Maiden tower is another known landmark of the city. Folklores associate it with the Zoroastrians and their sky burials. Climb up to see the beautiful Baku from the best point in the city.

Bazaar Square, Gosha Gala Gapisi, and there are many other amazing places that deserve your time on the visit to understand the glory of their history. As known that in medieval times, people used to travel for days and months and stay at inns or guesthouses. You can experience their culture of hospitality by visiting the caravanserais.

Make your trip memorable and find the pieces of amazing history in this city that knows how to rise from ashes and become the most loved place by all.

Modern Architecture

Do not feel left behind in the modernity of the city. They have a mind-blowing architectural record set in the past few years, to emphasize on their novelty.

Park Bulvar is the best hangout spot for citizens, tourists, and shoppers as all major shops are in the mall. Flame tower adds insane beauty at night when the LED screens of the surfaces of the tower show numerous designs and images for people.

Heydar Aliyev Center is an ode to Marilyn Monroe in the white dress. One has to see it to believe it. One great masterpiece designed by Zaha Hadid. This building has been a center for various exhibitions and activities. But its exterior is mind-blowing for all. You have to imagine how much work and thought went into its creation.

Crystal Hall, Baku White City Area, Socar Tower, and many other oil drilling places also give you a glimpse of the modern architectures of Baku.

There is more to write, about the amazing places in Baku that we will do in another post for the Baku lovers so they know that it is truly a paradise in the Caucus region.

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