Bahamas Ban American Tourists

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As the coronavirus cases are spiking in the US many international destinations are banning US travelers. And closing their borders for them.

The pandemic is affecting the US the most. There are nearly four million coronavirus cases and over 140,000 deaths.

As several states like Florida, Texas, and California are having a spike in the cases. So most countries are not allowing US visitors.

The Bahamas was open for the American tourists but due to an increase in cases, it is a recent country to ban US visitors after the European Countries. The Bahamas announced that it would ban U.S. travelers from entering its borders effective July 22. The country was closed since March and reopening of its borders for international travelers including Americans on July 1.

“Regrettably, the situation here at home has already deteriorated since we began the reopening of our domestic economy,” Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said on Sunday. “It has deteriorated at an exponential rate since we reopened our international borders.”

Bahamasair, which serves cities like Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, will stop all outgoing flights to the U.S according to the Miami Herald.

Countries that can Visit the Bahamas

However, according to the Ministry of Tourism, commercial flights and vessels from Canada, the United Kingdom, and European Union countries can still visit the Bahamas.

Private International flights and charters for Bahamians, residents, and travelers can also visit. Canada has recorded just 58,000 cases of the virus and the EU remains off-limits to Americans.

It was not easy for the Bahamas to make this decision as over five million visitors come to the Bahamas from the United States.

However, most of the Caribbean is open for US tourists. And they can go to the Caribbean Islands with some restrictions.

“We do not have the health system capacity to accommodate a significant surge in cases already our health system is on a strain,” said Dr. Yohann White, the medical director at Para Caribe Consulting in Kingston.

There have been about 153 cases in the Bahamas of the coronavirus and 11 deaths.

Requirements on Arrival

However, for travelers coming from other countries than the US will have to follow a two-step checklist before entering the country.

Moreover, travelers will have to fill an electronic health visa. They will also have to provide proof of the negative COVID-19 test. And it should not be taken within the 10 days of arrival.

Travelers must wear a face mask and follow social distancing. Otherwise, they will have to face a $200 fine, one-month imprisonment, or both.

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