Australian Borders Closed Due to COVID-19

Sights in Australia

International tourists will have to wait to enter Australia. The country is not reopening its international borders until next year. 

For young Britons, Australia is the favorite destination to travel during their study break. But the country has shut its borders to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said, “I do sadly think that in terms of open tourist-related travel in or out of Australia, that remains quite some distance off.” 

However, he mentioned that the country would look to relax entry rules for students and other long-term visitors. 

Self-Quarantine for International Students 

He also mentioned that a self-quarantine rule can be applied to international students and other people who wish to stay for the long-term. 

While addressing the National Press Club, Mr. Birmingham said: “We can simply work through the 14-day quarantine periods that have worked so well in terms of returning Australians to this country safely.” 

Once the students start returning, the universities will get new business. These universities are facing financial losses due to the developing situation of COVID-19. As a matter of fact, foreign exchange that comes from the universities is the fourth-largest reserve in foreign exchange of Australia, worth A$38 billion ($26.14 billion) a year. Australia’s fight against the pandemic has taken 102 lives and about 7,300 people have been affected so far. 

Australia Closing its Doors 

After the statement of Mr. Birmingham, Australia’s largest airline Qantas announced it was axing all international flights, except those between the country and New Zealand until October. 

According to the spokesperson for Qantas, “With Australia’s borders set to remain closed for some time, we have canceled most international flights until late October.” 

The government and the authorities are trying their best to keep the citizens safe. As travel is one of the most common methods for transmission of this deadly virus. Allowing people in the country puts the life of native citizens in harm’s way. 

According to experts, the growth in new coronavirus cases in Australia is slowing. The major reason is likely due to the decrease in travel-related cases. However, beating the pandemic is still a long way to go. 

However, as compared to other nations in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, Australia is doing relatively well. Keeping in mind the blessing of geography. It was much easier for Australia to seal itself off from the world. 

Above all, the trust between the public and the Australian government has delivered the winning combination.

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