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UAE was one of the first countries to make their tourism become strong in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. Also, this agility led to major working by various sectors of tourism to up their game. Atlantis, The Palm has been recognized as one of the top 30 inns that practice best safety standards. However, this year the safety standards have been a worldwide concern for every place of business. However, places of hospitality have always been judged for their practices of safety. This year the survey was carried out. Sharecare and the Forbes Travel Guide partnered on the Sharecare Health Security Verified badge grants to hotels.

Forbes Travel Guide is famous for recommending hotel services. They partnered with Sharecare. Sharecare is a digital health company focused on making health a priority for people. Moreover, this platform has a diverse range of topics from queries to tips and transformations of people. Therefore, the Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED®badge is a big laurel for Atlantis.

This year Forbes Travel Guide and Sharecare have attested hotels and resorts across 12 countries on their cleanliness standards. Those countries are

  • United Arab Emirates
  • US
  • Costa Rica
  • Cayman Islands
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • UK
  • Greece

Winning Guest Confidence

As a result of this audit, Atlantis in the UAE has received the seal of approval. It is the first hotel in the Middle East that has shown consistency with its health and safety standards. Furthermore, the UAE has been getting its good share of tourists. In fact, with Covid insurance offered by airlines, we know an influx of tourists will be observed.

Atlantis has signed up for this health security software. This software is a constant check on health protocols. The software is backed by AI. The artificial intelligence chatbox takes the people through a verification process. In essence, this process includes cleaning standards, procedures, health, and safety communication for employees and guests. On the whole, it is like a specialist speaking on a subject with command.

Basically, this commentary will give the guest true relaxation. Most people trust technology in this era for the final verdict.

Besides, this seal awarded to Atlantis Dubai is a testament to the hotel’s hard work. Marius Van Deventer, director, health and safety, Atlantis Dubai was satisfied with their work. He said” “Being the first hotel in the Middle East, and one of the first worldwide to receive the Sharecare verification seal of approval, is testament to our commitment to making each and every one of our guests feel safe and secure.”

All in all, this is a great sign for the UAE. There are already talks of the travel corridor of UAE with the UK for the Christmas period. Therefore, having a hotel with the highest safety standards is great news for avid travelers.

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