Amtrak’s Buy One Get One Free Offer

Travel by trains in US

Amtrak is giving a good offer for its roomettes to make private getaway even easier this summer. It is giving a buy one, get one free ticket for a roomette starting from July 17.

However, the train has semi-private sleeper cabins. It has a pair of seats that are convertible into an upper and lower berth for sleeping.

As well as a sleeping attendant to help with luggage and turndown service. In each roomette, meals will be provided. There are a bathroom and shower facility available that is on a sharing basis with the rest of the cabins in the car.

Offering Low Fares

Amtrak is making this offer available until September 30. The charges for these roomette starts as low as $193 for two people for travel between Chicago and Minneapolis. And $243 for travel between Atlanta and New Orleans.

“Offering a comfortable, private and convenient travel experience, private rooms offer our customers space where they can work without fellow passengers” Amtrak‚Äôs Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer, said.

In addition, he said, “These private rooms and enhanced cleaning protocols aboard trains and at stations offer reassurance for passengers seeking safety, space, and privacy.”

However, Amtrak is practicing social distancing in its sleeper cabins. The passengers can comfortably travel and see the vast sections of the country at the same time while taking travel at a slower pace.

Roomettes are available on several different lines. It includes the California Zephyr, which takes guests through the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains all the way to the unique architecture of Chicago. Or head out on the City of New Orleans line, which takes travelers north from the energy of the Big Easy through the blues and BBQ of Memphis, Tenn.

Reducing Routes

Amtrak came up with this offer as it had reduced some of its major long-haul routes.

The railway company will halt many services on different routes across the country in the coming months.

Such as routes between New York and Florida. However, due to low demand, the rail company plans to cut more routes.

It will only operate its Silver Star and Silver Meteor service from New York City to Miami three or four times a week instead of every day.

However, on regular basis, the Silver Star and the Silver Meteor respectively take 30 and 27 hours to complete their routes.

Precautionary Measures

However, to make the passengers feel comfortable traveling with Amtrak amid the coronavirus pandemic. Amtrak is implementing safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of its passengers and staff.

The train will be disinfected frequently and the most-touched surfaces will be sprayed thoroughly. Passengers on board are required to wear a face mask.

Moreover, the company is selling limited tickets to ensure social distancing is followed on all its trains. However, all its trains will have an onboard filtration system. Through this system, there will be a fresh air exchange rate every 4-5 minute

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