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Time and again, this year we have seen companies bring the best options out for their customers. The decline in the travel and aviation industry means that road travel will become better. This has been seen on the Thanksgiving holiday as well. However, with the month of festivity rolling out Amtrak has introduced their digital offering to the users.

The digital experience for customers

Amtrak has a digital payment option for users. This feature is available on the Amtrak website as well as the mobile app. Furthermore, this feature can be accessed via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

They previously used debit and credit cards for payments. However, now this is another new mode of payment against the traditional modes. Presently, tickets can be bought via any of the ways traditional, card, or digital.

How it works

The app is simple and easy to understand. Firstly, the user logs in. Secondly, they save their preferred payment method on default. This could be a card or any of the new options. Customers are encouraged to save the preferred method for easier checkout.

This added feature will probably work to bring the business back to life. The pandemic this year has been deadly for everyone. Therefore, this new ease and a contact-free option will make things better. This year, at the beginning of Covid the ridership went down by ninety-seven percent.

Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer at Amtrak said ” “We know every minute counts for our customers and now purchasing tickets is as simple as the touch of a button.” 

The new feature brings a great deal of features for the user.

  • Capacity percentage: The traveler gets the ease of volume percentage on each train. The percentage changes in real-time. Moreover, this helps in booking a train that has less percentage.
  • Contact-free travel: The safety given to a user is huge. But, a user gets to book, board, and check train status with just one tap on the mobile device.
  • Seamless gate service: This service will reduce the crowds at the station. Users can get gate and track information for applicable reservations.

Amtrak is also ready for the coming holiday season. They have partnered with George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health to ensure health and safety standards for passengers and employees.

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