Americans Ready to Fly for the Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Since the weekend is approaching for the Memorial Day, Americans are getting ready to board flights. The time of the year where most Americans take a summer trip has just arrived.

The sentiment in the air is all set to start the traditional American summer.

TSA passenger screenings

According to reports from TSA, it was reported that there were more passengers scanned the US airports than the last two months. This is a very positive step, as the long time suffering the aviation industry gets ready to welcome more passengers over the coming weekend.

TSA also reported that the number of passengers screened on US airports on Thursday was 318,449 and on Friday the TSA screened 348,673. These numbers were very encouraging to being the season for the American summer holidays.

However, these numbers are far below than of 2.6 million people scanned on the same day’s yesteryear.

Since March 23, the TSA had not screened more than 300,000 people. This is also the first time ever this year that the TSA has screened 10% more passengers than that of the same period last year.

The lowest screenings by TSA we on April 14 when less the 88,000 passengers were observed in US airports. This small spike in the calendar seems to be a ray of hope for the much-hurt airline industry.

Losses to the aviation industry

The whole COVID-19 situation has led the Americans to avoid non-essential travel for the past few months. The pandemic is responsible for the huge losses suffered and foreseen by the aviation industry.

The crisis is not just limited to the wings in the air, but the multi-million giant Hertz has also taken a blow in the pandemic. Hertz had more than 65% of its revenue coming from the routes to the airport. But unfortunately the airports have been deserted for a few months. Hertz could not bear the burden of its debt financing and eventually filed for bankruptcy last Friday.

Amongst these adverse times, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines have reported slight improvements in bookings. These airlines have been cutting down about 80% and 90% bookings in their schedules.

Strict safety procedures

However, the standard operating procedures for onboarding flights will be strictly observed. The crew members will be using face masks and other necessary equipment to ensure the safety and sanitization of the passengers.

The Frontier Airline has also announced to take temperature checks on its own for passengers. But the other airlines are relying on TSA to announce the procedure for all.

Even with major schedule cuts and grounded planes, this small increase in bookings indicates the readiness of the American people to hit the skies once the travel bans and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The industry has seen the worst time ever during this pandemic. But the potential to explore the horizons cannot be overlooked in this pandemic era.

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