American Airlines Puts More Planes in the Air for July

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In this emerging situation of the pandemic, the summer season for the airlines will not be the same as last year. But things will be better for this industry than expected. There has been an increase in demand for air travel for American Airlines. In May the airline flew only 20% than normal but in July it will fly up to 55% of its normal domestic flight schedule. 

More Bookings for American Airlines

There was a sudden change in demand for the airline in May. The number of passengers flying daily increased to about 110,000. It was a 71% increase in daily flights as compared to April. The number of seats filled increased by 55% in May, which was 15% more than the number of seats filled in April. 

The Transportation Security Administration said that the number of passengers passed through security checkpoints this week was about 949,000. This is a greater number of passengers as compared to the first weekend of May 2020, which was nearly 476,000. But according to TSA data, the number of people going through security checkpoints was 2 million in May 2019. 

Vasu Raja, American’s SVP of network strategy, said, “we’re seeing a slow but steady rise in domestic demand. The airline will add flights to more destinations. It will add flights at Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte, Florida, and Mountain destinations in the west. 

International flights of the airline will be just 40% of the flights flew in July 2019. The airline will be flying only 20% of its usual international flight schedule. As many countries have still implemented the 14-day quarantine period, which is making it difficult for people to travel.

Amenities at the Airports to Reopen

The Admirals Club Loungers will also be opening again from June 22, at just 10 US airports initially. There will be no buffet style food served. Instead, food will be pre-packed snacks. Bars will reopen as per the rules and regulations of local authorities. 

American Airlines is waiving off any cancelation fee of passengers. In case the passengers have to rebook another flight if the current flight is crowded. The airline has blocked only a few seats in its main cabin to practice social distancing. Whereas, Delta airlines is not booking the middle seat and keeping it vacant. 

In the last few months of the pandemic, American Airlines laid off its management and support staff to cut costs. It laid off about 30% of its staff. There are about 17,000 employees in airline management and support staff. The airline took these steps to cut costs as the flights were down by 90%. 

Many airlines have been getting more bookings for July than cancellations. And they believe that there will be more demand for air travel in the coming months than expected. As on Memorial Day weekend, more than 1.5 million travelers went through the airport security checkpoints. But this was a very low number of passengers traveling on Memorial Day weekend as compared to the same weekend of last year. 

Delta and Southwest have also said that they have seen a change in demand in the last few weeks. People are booking more than canceling the flights as compared to March and April. United Airlines also expects an increase in demand for the coming months for its domestic and international flights.

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