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Tough times bring the best for all; this stands true with American Airlines. The pandemic has severely hit the aviation industry. Yet, some fliers always manage to bring something new. American Airlines in the recent past collaborated with Apple for in-flight entertainment.

However, with the holiday season and positive news of a possible Covid vaccine, things seem positive. Not to forget the election results are out too.

So with better things coming up American Airlines has rolled out their new feature for their fliers.

WiFi in the air

American Airlines already gives WiFi on domestic flights for a meager amount like $10. However, the hours of work increase, and eventually charges pile up in case you tend to be a frequent flier. So the answer is a great subscription plan that makes it more convenient for you to use the internet easily.

The previous users of Gogo monthly subscription will now receive this plan as that will be invalid from the 16th of November. This subscription plan is also available to AAdvantage members.  For opening an AAdvantage account, one needs an email and a credit card along with a US billing address.

The planes are Gogo-equipped, Panasonic-equipped, or Viasat-equipped for WiFi. In the past,  Panasonic WiFi was not a part of the monthly WiFi plans. However, with this subscription plan fliers get WiFi access on Us Domestic flights as well as international flights. The difference is that the single subscription plan works across all three WiFi providers.

Air Pass at a higher pedestal

Air Pass perks are known to most US fliers. One gets VIP services, the flexibility of cancellations and constancy of rates and so much more.

However, these days due to pandemic people were reluctant to board a plane. American Airlines went a step ahead.

Previously, Airpass was an inclusive American Airline boon. However, now it can be redeemed at selected airline partners. Presently,  Finnair, Iberia, and Japan Airlines are a part of this campaign. A few features of Air Pass will be available with other airlines such as Admiral Club entry, Constant rate fares, and free checked baggage. Although some membership benefits may only be valid on American Airlines.

At present,  American Airlines has gone the extra mile by offering a reduced point of entry at $5,000 per traveler – it has been slashed from $10,000.

So if you want those perks, think and go ahead.

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