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Mexico loves festivals

One of the world’s most favorite spot for tourists is planning to reopen in June. But the situation will be according to the new rules set under the pandemic. 

Mexico City’s food tours, their trips to the Mayan ruins, and even snorkeling were closed due to the COVID-19. The country has been under lockdown due to the pandemic, just like any other country in the world. 

The plan is to ease the travel bans locally and then open up for international visitors. The international travel will first open for US citizens and later for Canadians then Mexico will open its borders to the rest of the world. 

However, there will be daily flights from Atlanta to Cancun and Mexico City, and less frequent flights to those destinations originating from Detroit and Salt Lake City. Flights originating from Los Angeles will transport passengers to Los Cabos and Puerta Vallarta and a less-than-daily schedule. 

Quintana Roo 

The country’s tourism is one of its strengths and its best spot for tourists is the Quintana Roo. The place with the majestic beaches of the Caribbean. The place is home to vacation spots such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum. Quintana Roo is planning to reopen in June. 

This state has the highest tourists in Mexico, in 2019 Quintana Roo had 22.8 million visitors. Quintana Roo has been very active with the reopening, all business related to tourism including hotels, restaurants bars, and tour companies must receive a certification that it has met the standards.

Los Cabos 

Los Cabos is located at the southernmost tip of Baha California Sur. This region hosted 3 million visitors in 2019, it is one of the most popular vacation spots. Los Cabos plans to reopen in June and will focus on implementing health and safety guidelines across its travel industry.

Those vendors that comply with the guidelines will receive a quality certification from the Mexican government. 

From July the hotels will start accepting guests. Further, in August and September Mexico will welcome travelers from international destinations. According to an estimate, there will be about 40% fewer visitors this year. 

Riviera Nayarit 

Another popular destination for tourists in Mexico, but there is just one issue. When it reopens is still to be decided. 

However, the authorities are now looking at the approach and planning protocols to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These standards are a combination of best practices and guidelines for personal protection and hygiene from various sources including the World Health Organization. 

However, good fortune is returning to Mexico and the result is already very positive. Hotel bookings in a few places have been growing. 

The future holds good tidings for the country and hopefully, tourism will bring back the economic activity for the locals. 

Consequently, the pandemic has had its toll on a lot many countries, the key is to bounce back with precautions and be safe. Moreover, tourists from around the world travel with the risk of transmitting the virus or being a victim of it.

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