Airlines with best safety measures after coronavirus

US Airlines

After the coronavirus pandemic, many airlines are taking safety measures to keep its passengers safe. The American travel giants joined together to jot down the safety measures to get back their businesses.

Southwest, is taking about 79 passengers on its Boeing 737-700s. Around 102 passengers on its 737-800s to practice social distancing. Southwest Airlines is also following a strict cleaning and disinfecting policy. They have asked the passengers to wear a facemask on all flights and those who don’t have will be provided by the airline.

Consequently, Delta Airlines is keeping its passengers safe. In fact the airline has taken various steps in giving a healthy flying experience to the customers. As a result, high-grade disinfectants are used to sanitize the cabins and customer contact areas, along with the state-of-the-art air circulation systems. The inbound catering equipment at international gateways is also sanitized. The airline also provides hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks to the employees. The airline is also practicing social distancing by not selling the middle seat.

American Airlines has also announced that wearing a face mask is mandatory on all flights as they are also following a mask-wearing policy. They were the first airline to announce that they will provide face masks to its passengers.

The senior vice president of customer experience at American Airlines said, the safety of our passengers and team members is our top most priority. American Airlines will begin the process of distributing sanitizing wipes and face coverings to customers.

United Airlines is implementing social distancing by not offering the middle seats. Other than this the company is also making sure that supplies for disinfecting the cabins and other touch points are available to the employees. United Airlines is also educating the customers to wear their own face coverings. But, in case the passengers do not have one then the crew provides them with a face mask. United Airlines is the only U.S. airline with a full-time, on-site medical director.

The airlines are trying their best to keep the health and safety standards. These turbulent times have proven difficult for business. Airlines are dropping the revenues by not selling the whole flight and incurring major costs of coping up with the standards of flying clean and corona free.

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