Airlines Waiver Policies Due to Hurricane Laura

Gulf Coast-Hurricane Laura

Major US airlines such as United, Southwest, Delta, American, and Spirit are issuing fee waivers due to Hurricane Laura. This is to make it easy for the customers to adjust their flight plans ahead of the storm without any cost.

However, Hurricane Laura will be making landfall on the Gulf Coast late Wednesday into early Thursday. 

Because of this airlines are already canceling flights. There is news of about 408 flight cancelations to and from George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on Wednesday morning.

Moreover, 190 flights are already canceled for Thursday. By which time the hurricane is expected to make landfall on southeastern Texas or southwest Louisiana coasts.

Laura has already strengthened into a Category 3 “major” hurricane with winds of around 115 mph. A major hurricane has winds of at least 111 mph.

Therefore, airlines are giving their customers a reprieve before Laura reaches the land. But not all airlines have taken the same action. Travel dates and destinations covered by the waivers vary by carrier.

American Airlines

American Airlines is offering its customers who booked by August 25 to fly between August 25 and August 27 to rebook between August 25 and August 31. Therefore, to avoid any extra charges, passengers must rebook from the same origin or destination city they were previously booking from and rebook in the same cabin. 

American is also allowing passengers to delay their travel for up to a year. If they meet the correct requirements with waived fees, but fare differences may apply.

Delta Air Lines

Those passengers who booked a flight in the Gulf Coast area between August 25 and August 27. Can book for a no-fee one-time flight change. But the passengers must book by August 30 and rebooked travel must also take place by August 30.

However, travelers also have the option to receive a full credit that they can use within a year of the original issue date for the unused ticket’s value.

Frontier Airlines

Passengers who were traveling with Frontier Airlines from August 24 through 27 and made bookings by August 23 can make one itinerary change without incurring a fee. They must complete the travel by September 3.


JetBlue passengers who were traveling between August 26 and 27 and who booked by August 25 can reschedule their flight through September 1 without paying a change fee.


Due to the weather and changes in flight schedule and cancelations or diversions, Southwest is giving its customers an option of holding reservations. Under specific circumstances the option to rebook in the “original class of service” or on “standby” within two weeks of their original travel date. Between original origin and destination locations for no additional charge.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit has also introduced “Flexible Travel Policies” for a certain set of travelers.

The airline is allowing customers to complete a booking for no fee and will waive fare difference through September 2. After which the fee will remain waived but the fare difference may apply. 

United Airlines

United passengers that made their bookings for August 24 and were due to fly August 26 or August 27 in the Gulf Coast area can rebook to fly on or before September 1 on the same itinerary in the same cabin.

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