Airlines Update for Summer Holidays

People at the airport

Most of the countries are easing their lockdown restrictions and many of the travelers are planning to fly to other holiday destinations. 

Previously, many people were canceling their holidays because of the global pandemic and were opting to stay at home. However, where other countries are welcoming visitors, the UK Foreign Office is still advising against all foreign travel. 

But things might be different later in the summer as the government confirms they are trying to create travel corridors with other countries. 

The government will announce on 29th June that it has secured travel corridors with a few countries. But for now, the matter is still under discussion. 
Slowly, the airlines and holiday companies are announcing their dates of resuming the operations. 

Also, Ryanair, EasyJet, TUI, and British Airways are increasing their flight schedules for the coming weeks and months. 


UK’s biggest tour operator was resuming its flights on July 1. But it has extended the date to July 10. Below are all the currently canceled holidays with TUI. 

•Holidays traveling on or before 10 July 2020, including flights-only bookings. 

•River Cruises sailings traveling up until and including 25 November 2020 

• Lakes and Mountain holidays traveling up until and including 30 September 2020 

• Marella Cruises sailings on or before 30 July 2020 and all sailings such as: 

• All sailings on Marella Celebration 

• Sailings on Marella Discovery 2 from Naples, Asia, and the Middle East up to 30 April 2021 

• Marella Dreamsailings from Palma up to 4 May 2021 

• Marella Discovery sailings from Naples between 5 May 2021 to 20 October 2021. 

The airline will resume its operations in the UK market this summer. Positively, the bookings for winter have increased by 6% and summer 2021. 


Ryanair plans to resume its 40% flights for this month. But the airline is still fuming over the government’s current quarantine restriction. 

The carrier will resume flights in July. It will increase its international flights for the summer holidays next month and into August and September. It is most popular airline among British tourists. 


EasyJet resumed its flights Monday this week, with Liverpool Airport. The airline is traveling to destinations, which are on its list of airports as it resumes services. 

Easyjet has imposed strict new social distancing measures for passengers. They are operating with domestic flights in the UK and France. The airline will add more flights to its schedule in the coming weeks. 

Moreover, it is planning to reopen half of its 1,022 routes by the end of next month. Additionally, which will be an increase to 75% during August. 


Norwegian is planning to resume its operations to and from UK airports from July 1 after the customer demand increased. 

The airline’s chief executive, Jacob Schram, said, “Feedback from our customers has shown that they are keen to get back in the air and resume their travels with Norwegian beyond the current domestic services that we have been operating.” 

Nevertheless, “Norwegian is returning to European skies with the reintroduction of more aircraft to serve our key destinations, which will ensure that we remain in line with competing carriers.”

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