Airlines Refuse Passengers on board for not Wearing Masks

Travel with caution

Airlines for America, a trade organization that represents leading US airlines, has stated that the airlines are making sure that passengers follow face-covering policies put in place due to the pandemic. 

All major US airlines have made it mandatory to wear a mask while boarding the flight since May. 

However, most airlines did not prepare to deal with the policies. Moreover, American, Delta, and United had all asked their crew members not to push passengers to wear a mask. 

But, as the spread of the virus continues the airlines have realized that not following this requirement is mandatory. 

“Face coverings are one of several public health measures recommended by the CDC as an important layer of protection for passengers and customer-facing employees,” Airlines for American’s President and CEO, Nicholas E. Calio, said in a statement. 

Furthermore, he said, “U.S. airlines are very serious about requiring face coverings on their flights. Carriers are stepping up enforcement of face coverings and implementing substantial consequences for those who do not comply with the rules.” 

Moreover, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways have all formulated new policies that will be applied in their airlines. These policies will be strictly mandatory on the aircraft. 

Informing the Passengers 

All the airlines must make it clear with their passengers that they have to wear a face-covering mask while traveling. The airlines will take acknowledge from passengers regarding their understanding of these rules during the check-in process. 

The crew members at the aircraft will announce specific details of their airlines about their face covering policy. The crew members should also mention the consequences to the passengers if anyone violates the policy. 

Consequences for Not Wearing Masks 

At the gate, non-compliant customers may be kept from boarding their flight. Once they are on board the means of enforcing these policies became limited. 

Each individual carrier will implement its own consequences for passengers who do not comply with the airline’s face covering policy. The airline can suspend the passenger from flying privileges with the airline. 

Each airline has different ways to tackle such instances. United Airlines would place the name of the passenger who does not comply with the rule in the internal travel restriction list. This will prevent them from flying with the airline for a set time period. 

Delta said it will make sure that the customers are aware of their policies and comply with the rules of face coverings.

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