Airline routes to disappear in 2020

Flight routes

2020 began with bad news. People thought that COVID will be over soon. However, it shaped in an unending pandemic.

The economies slowed down. Death tolls increased and eventually everything ceased.

Amidst all of this aviation industry was one major martyr. However, the decision to permanently close a few flights was made prior to the pandemic.

Why routes get canceled

As most people think that no route is worth cancelling, there is logic behind cancellations. The airlines have issues such as

  • Unprofitability
  • Lack of aircrafts
  • Higher demand in areas else where

As economy shifts, places of living and populations also shift. As a result we see changes in urban hierarchies. All of this results in change of aviation and rail routes. However, rail routes do not change much or none, while air routes do change.

Basically, major cities that are business hubs or economic centers like, Houston, New York, London are major cities. On the other hand, secondary cities are different. They are not defined by population, size, function, and economic status. However, by the distant cities and their socio-economic status.

They supplement and support the functions and governance of the major urban cities.

Airlines in this decision

  • JetBlue Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  •  Frontier Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines

These airlines have planned to stop services to secondary cities. This might end up in airports having a declined commercial air service or in a few cases making it zero. As many secondary cities have just one carrier operating.

New York & Oakland, California

JetBlue finished this route service on April 29. Oakland was a cost-effective destination previously for JetBlue. Now JetBlue is serving San Francisco’s main gateway.

JetBlue will offer service to the Bay Area via San Francisco or San Jose.

Boston & Oakland, California

This route is another offering by JetBlue. However from April 29th the airline will connect Beantown and the Bay Area via airports in San Francisco and San Jose.

JetBlue, flew to Oakland as its initial West Coast destinations from Boston in the year 2004.

Between Sacramento, California, & Kona, Hawaii.

This route was initiated in the year 2018 by Alaska Airlines. The route between Sacramento and Kahului, Hawaii will be led by Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines in Alaska Airlines’ absence. While, on the other hand United Airlines will become the sole carrier on the route for San Francisco and Kona.

Presently Southwest Airlines and Sun Country Air continue to offer low fare connections for the same route.

Between Denver, Colorado, & Mobile, Alabama

 Frontier Airlines is another airline that discontinued its route. The route between Denver and Mobile, Alabama, by Frontier Airlines discontinued operation on April 222. This end also marked the Mobile Downtown Airport losing its only commercial airline.

Between Denver, Colorado, & Tyler, Texas

This route was a short lived decision which began in the year 2019. This route was the flight operating from the East Texas airport as the only commercial air line.

Between Houston, Texas, & Dayton, Ohio.

United Airlines has another route dropped from their list. Although the same one will be continued by United’s regional brand, United Express.

Between Houston, Texas, & Dayton, Ohio

This nonstop link will be dropped by United Airlines. However Dayton and Houston are served by the daily service operated by United’s regional brand, United Express.

Between Newark, New Jersey, & Akron, Ohio

United Airlines operated on this route. After the end of this route, the nearest airport for the Newark passengers will be Cleveland. In 2020 April this route was canceled.

Between Philadelphia & Williamsport, Pennsylvania

This was a super short route . However, with a slight change of location the next route will be a new link to Charlotte.American Airlines operated this route. 

These were the routes that are no longer on the list of US air paths for passengers.




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