Airbnb in UK to Resume Soon


With the summer breeze blowing in the UK, the population is set to make the most of the summer amidst the pandemic.

According to Oliver Dowden the Culture Secretary, holidays in the UK can return by the start of July. But as per the COVID-19 guidelines, an overnight stay will not be permitted.

One Day Trips in the UK

The government has allowed people to spend time outdoors. The citizens of the UK will be allowed to take the sunlight outdoors. People can go for a picnic and enjoy the fresh smell of the green grass in the air. There are no restrictions on how far people can travel, but they can only travel with their own household. Outsiders will not be allowed unless the activity can have social distancing such as cycling.

In a tweet, Nigel Huddleston Minister for Tourism stated,

“You and your household can head outdoors for your physical & mental wellbeing in England. But be respectful to local people & communities. You must adopt social distancing at all times. Then return to your primary home – No overnight stays, including second homes & holiday homes.”

Trip to Beaches

This means that trips to beaches and other recreation places will be open for the people. All of this could be a challenge if people fail to cooperate with instructions given by the government. Social distancing will have to be practiced extensively by the people. Failure to adhere may lead to a rise in the pandemic numbers.

“Day trips to outdoor open space, in a private vehicle, are permitted,” mentioned by the governments.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Island

Wales, Scotland and Northern Island are not a part of these changes in the restrictions. This also means that the people of England cannot cross the border for a day outing. The rule in Wales, Scotland and Northern Island is still of stay at home, which means that people cannot be seen out of their homes unless they have a good reason for it.

However, to maintain daily life, people can go for groceries and run other smaller activities for the survival of their household and their own.

When Will Air B&B Resume

With the overnight restriction still in place, the Air B&B business in the UK will not resume immediately on a commercial basis. However, as Dowden had mentioned that he hopes to resume permissions for holiday accommodation from early July.

The government also mentioned, “Premises such as hotels and bed and breakfasts will remain closed, except where providing accommodation for critical workers were required for a reason relating to their work,” At the moment there is no announcement for reopening the accommodation providers but according to the government strategy there is a fair chance for opening at least some of the business and premises.

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