A must check list of items before any international trip

Travel must-have list

An international trip for anyone is a reason enough for excitement. Be it the food, new people, hotel sheets, or just new learning for work or leisure. All of such things cause people to be excited and happy. However, we must remember that crossing borders are a different ballgame altogether. We need a variety of things to be checked and scrutinized.

Here we have tried to list down a and explain why the few items that we are mentioning below are of utmost importance and must be on a constant checklist for each travel plan. No matter how seasoned a traveler you are, these must always be checked.

Travel documents

The travel documents are the most important ones. They are carried physically such as passports, tickets, and visas. For each travel ensure that you have put all these items safe in a pouch. An expert tip, is to keep two sets of their photocopies with you while traveling and also a few sets at home and work.

This works in case you lose the originals at least the copies can work for your case in the embassy.

Travel Insurance

Before you travel, always check on your Travel insurance options. The year 2020 has further been a strong case in point to strengthen the faith in travel insurance. Be it your cancellation of flights or a sprained ankle, there IS no better cover than an insurance cover for your travel mishaps. Any cancellation or problematic situation can be resolved with this thoughtful document.


If you are a regular international traveler, you might be well versed in this aspect. However, keeping a track of all your immunizations and the destination country outbreaks is a must. As the traveler may be a carrier of a virus, a pregnant woman may be prone to the virus or a weak immunity holder which increases the overall risk. Therefore you need to be extra vigilant before the trip.

Currency matters

Make sure that your currency stash of dollars and Euros is aligned. As in case of emergency you can use them. This also means you maintain a log of currency exchange points in the destination country for your ease. After a good hold on these currencies keeps a good amount of local currency in different places of clothing and luggage.

Banks & credit Card

Notify your banks and credit card companies of your impending travel. This helps you in two ways, firstly any convenience or bonus options such as priority lounges, etc are shared with you. Secondly, they share an international PIN with you which will make transactions seamless.

This way, international emergency numbers, etc also are shared with the traveler, in case any plan goes awry.

Check itinerary based on the timings of the destinations

No matter how regular a traveler you are, always double or triple check your timings as per the destinations. You check-ins, tickets of trains, and planes all must be double-checked to ensure that there is no flaw and one can easily go as per the plan. In many instances, people have faced trouble only because of a wrong time zone planning.

Phone usage

Be smart with your phone plans. One may either buy a prepaid card plan for the destination country or thoroughly check their phone tariff in the new country. This fact is many times ignored and later the person ends up with a huge dent in their wallet.


In a few countries, seeking a doctor is difficult due to laws or distances. Therefore, make sure you have an updated medicine pouch always ready. Sift through all medicines before packing. Discard the expired leaves, get new medicines for illnesses such as a loose stomach, diarrhea, and mild fevers.

Embassy details of your country

Always carry post and type your embassy details in the destination country. This may help you whenever you are in trouble.

So make sure that you each time have all these items checked for your international trips.

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