A Holiday in Greece

Greece tourism

The summer has been under the quarantine effect for many countries trying to reach each other out. But the good news is that British citizens can enjoy the summer in the beautiful country of Greece.

The decision came in when Greece was put in the list of no quarantine. British people can go to Greece and upon return, they will not have to quarantine. However, the current advice for travelers is to travel only if it is essential. Non-essential travel to any place is not suitable at this point in time. Other than Greece countries such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany are also on the same list.

In addition, this agreement is just one-sided. However, Greece has banned UK flights until the 15th of July.

UK and Sweden are both not on the list because these countries have a higher rate of COVID-19 positive patients. Consequently, the British people will be able to travel to Greece from the 15th of July.

Protocols for Greece

The summer is going to be great in the white sand beaches. However, those interested to travel will require to fill up a form at least 48 hours before travel. COVID-19 testing will be mandatory on arrival. In the meantime, the travelers will be required to self-isolate until their results come out.

However, if the result of the test is negative the visitors will not have to self-isolate. But in case the results are positive the visitors will need to isolate in government-provided accommodation for 14 days.

A general rule for travelers in Greece is to wear the face mask at all times be it the airport or public transport.

Traveling with family can be a bit difficult as only two adults can travel in the car or taxi along with the drive. Children can also join the ride there are no restrictions on that. You can travel between the islands in Greece, including Kos, Crete, Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini.

If you like taking the ferry, you will have to undergo a temperature check before boarding. The ferry ride will also come with a questionnaire about your health. This questionnaire is mainly to check if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

Greece is a good destination to explore with the rich culture, food, and heritage. The pandemic has had its toll on many countries. But the idea of opening international borders is a positive sign in these times.

When passengers arrive back in England from Greece they will not have to self-isolate 14 days.

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