9 European countries to reopen their borders

European Union

European countries have started to open up their borders for international tourists. But every country has its own safety measures, which the tourists will have to comply with.

Here is the list of some European countries reopening their borders.


Austria has opened its borders for its neighboring countries. On June 15 borders will be open for Hungry, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein. But passenger train services are not yet operational between Austria and these countries.

The Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg airports are operating at the moment with fewer operations. The restaurants and bars have opened but the hotels will be opening from May 29. In public places and transport wearing a mask is necessary.

The government has banned all public events until June. Travelers must carry a health certificate to enter the country otherwise they will have to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days. Vienna airport is also providing the tourists with testing facilities.


International travel is expected to open from June 15, whereas public transportation is functional. In Belgium it is compulsory to wear a mask. Some tourist places have already open, some are expected to reopen from June 8 along with cafes and restaurants. 14 days of self-quarantine is mandatory on arrival in the country. Non-European tourists can travel to Belgium once the EU reopens its external borders.


Flights from London and Sofia are operating as of now for necessary purposes only, whereas the country has not yet announced any date for reopening its borders for UK nationals for other purposes. The country has loosened its lockdown and some public places, restaurants, and market places are open.


The country will start operating its airports between June 9 to July 13 along with its seaports. The hotels and malls will also be opening between these dates. Public places such as beaches and museums will reopen from June 1. The country has not shared the tourist arrival policy yet. 


In France borders will reopen from June 2, along with restaurants, bars, and public transportation. But the public places will reopen after June 1. International tourists will be allowed from July and are required to show a health certificate mentioning negative for coronavirus otherwise will have to self-isolate for 14 days.


Germany has not reopened its borders yet only flights that are important are allowed to operate, whereas some shops and hotels have reopened. All the events will be allowed to take place after August.


Greece is opening its borders from July 1. All tourists arriving in Greece are required to self-quarantine for 14 days. The country will fully open its shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other public places from June. All summer activities and events have been put to hold.


The country will be opening its borders from June 3. Shops, restaurants, and bars are open and restaurants are advised to operate through takeaway only. Hotels are set to reopen till June, but only if they get bookings.


Spain plans to reopen by next month as the country is still in lockdown. Flights are operating for essential travel only. People can go around the province by car but not to another province. Anyone arriving in Spain will have to self-quarantine for 14 days. The hotels, bars, and restaurants that are in the less affected areas are allowed to operate but with limited capacity.

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