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The fast paced life of USA has consumed many lives. People feel that they burn out faster and this takes a toll on their personal and professional lives both. Families suffer at the hands of members who are fighting a lot of noise from within.

However, when we see Asians they have had their piles of troubles but their religious and cultural thread has a factor of yoga and meditation in them. As a result, we see that their family structures and happiness has been better. In the past two decades, the US has also adopted the yoga culture. Individuals and groups have shown interest in yoga and as a result, now it is a full industry.

However, yoga retreats are more than learning yoga.

Why go for a yoga retreat?

People go to a yoga retreat center because they are

  • Looking for inner peace by detoxifying
  • Making their vacation a peaceful one by learning yoga
  • Getting a certificate for yoga

The past years have added the tourism angle to the retreats. Travelers, make yoga retreats a part of their plan. It may not be transformational yoga but a recreational yoga retreat. The latter is less strict in terms of rules. However, the ambiance with young instructors and other travelers leaves a positive effect on the person.

So be it a wellness plan with friends, a real introspective decision, or one attempt to disconnect from the noise and reconnect with self – any reason leading you to a yoga retreat will be great.

We picked only five places in the US as we do not want to confuse you more. However, you can always check with us for more information and more pieces about such retreats in the US.


This yoga center in Massachusetts has almost five decades of experience in managing American visiting people to learn and benefit from yoga.

This retreat center has a comprehensive plan of focusing on people’s health, food, ayurvedic healing, and leadership programs that reduce anxiety and stress while promoting mindfulness.

As it is situated in a beautiful lush area with trails, parks, beaches and a hilltop view you have a lot of beauty to enjoy as well. Everything is perfect! There are plenty of courses that you may choose from besides the yoga aspect.

Courses such as hiking and yoga, mindful eating, integrative weight loss, detoxing for healing and health, and many more are offered by professionals. This place is also a healing spot for patients of cancer and Parkinson’s.

Rolling Meadows

The rustic English look to this beautiful cottage house is a perfect breath of fresh air for the tired souls. They have their retreats offered in other countires such as Sweden, Costa Rica too. However, the Maine campus is famous for its hills and 100 acres of land that is full of gardens, vegetables, and much more. 

One gets a sauna offer and a skiing option in winters while for the pleasant summers one can stay for the required periods detox their angry urban souls and learn the art of om while bracing forward in the world. So pack your bags and join them here where you get special organic food and a real raw feeling of meditative arts.


This retreat is in Hawaii. So, all those who believe that it is all about Aloha and eating fruit salads by the beach- well there is a beautiful resort dedicated to cleansing your soul and body with the wellness of yoga. The people here are given the freshest produce from farms and fish while the tv and digital consumption is monitored for each day.

Amidst, the tropical setting Kalani offers 12 yoga styles.  The fact that there is access to gift shop, wifi, sauna, and some tasty snacks apart from detox food are ample reasons for anyone to join happening Hawaii and later go for the yoga retreat to cleanse their commercial souls and go home as better yogis.

Feathered Pipe Ranch

This place was set up in the ’70s by the real peace lovers who protested against wars and came back from India after a spiritual awakening. It is built in the mountains keeping the vibe of the place rustic and raw as well as closer to nature. Discover the beauty of Montana, while you hike canoe in the river or drink the best spring water minus the plastic water bottle industry.

The services and retreats are of various varieties to fit all budgets. In the fifty years of their existence, they have offered personal and group retreats throughout the year. So get ready to learn about Ayurveda, chakras in the choice of your places from lavish chalets to simpler rooms.

On your return you will changed, with better control over life, healing and food choices.

White Lotus Foundation

When visiting Santa Barbara, you can gift yourself the visit to this place of spirituality and inner peace. The beauty of the pacific ocean makes a perfect backdrop for self-care. One gets to think of self-growth and shun the commercialism fo the world.  Ganga White was the founder of this place.  The registered people can choose their accommodation from a variety such as a campsite surrounded by natural beauty, a yurt, or indoor accommodation that has modern amenities.

This place offers about six different retreats throughout the year. The place offers a variety of massages, beautiful scenic spots to reflect and talk fellow yogis. The food is cooked keeping the environment and detox aims in mind. The whole day is planned for the groups. It starts with a morning ritual of meditation or hike, breakfast followed by lunch yoga. Finally some evening stroll with an endnote for the day.

The people here follow a structured program to organize their inner thoughts and leave the place much happier.

So this year when COVID has hit you badly and you are following some social distancing, how about you head to a retreat and cleanse your negative vibes.

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