2 weeks quarantine policies for travelers

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The new policy adopted by many of the countries is a big question mark for many people who wish to travel. To ask the big question, is the 2 week period of the self-quarantine period a Yes or a No? for many people this is a big No.

The price of 2 weeks self-quarantine period

This decision has a lot of implications and costs that come for the additional 2 weeks. Going to a new place requires a lot of planning. The major challenge that travelers will face is finding affordable lodging.

This means they will need extra cash to spend on hotel bills. A 2-week self-quarantine period means that travelers will have to stay indoors and cannot go outside their hotel rooms.

Time for holiday

The time of the 2-week self-quarantine period itself is that of an average American vacation. It will be extremely difficult to make a holiday possible with 2 weeks of lone time in a room.

Many travel agents will not recommend clients for destinations following the policy of a self-quarantine for travelers. Most of the travelers will have a limited time for travel and these 2 weeks may alter the plans for many.

No quarantine rules

But as the complications arise with travel, people will be more inclined to choose destinations with no quarantine rules. The choice to save time and money will play a vital role in maintaining a holiday decision this summer. Destinations with traveler-friendly policies will get an edge to restart the dormant tourism.

As understood, the fines and jail time associated with non-compliance is just another way of keeping people away from the destinations. Many countries are not letting any visitors enter the country at this point in time, and this makes sense as they do not want any exposure from nonessential visitors.

Restoration of Tourism

As many experts around the world have mentioned that the efforts to restore tourism, may be temporary. These restrictions and precautions will undergo many changes and may eventually result in beating about the bush.

But according to an estimate, it will take about 2 years for tourism to come back to the current levels and with ease. Restriction and screenings at this point in time are a necessary part of policymaking as we stare right in the eye of this pandemic situation.

From the face of these policies it is evident that many countries are not ready to welcome nonessential visitors. The risks involved with an open travel policy are way dangerous for any country to contain the pandemic. Nearly all have suffered a huge loss of revenue, but the tradeoff comes with a big risk.

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